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Drawing with Daddy

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Games and Puzzles

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a surgeon.  I always thought how neat it would be to experiment on people while helping them too.  Weird? Maybe...I outgrew that notion when I realized I don't have a steady hand. At all!  Not even close!  But, my 3 year old son just might.


The manufacturer's recommended age is 8 and up for the game, Jenga.  I've never been one to meticulously follow guidelines, so I asked my darling boy to play a game with me.  It was amazing!  Here's a kid who'll spend 10 minutes building a lego/wooden block tower taller than him just to demolish it in mere seconds!  I figured: he'll probably just trash the tower and that would be ok.  But, I reminded him, if he didn't just knock it down and learned to play patiently and take turns, Daddy or the big kids (Juniors in High School) may be willing to play the game with him sometime.  He was interested in that.  

We didn't play the traditional rules, which requires one to place the removed block back on top of the tower.  He's 3! :)  We just held on to our blocks in stacks or piles near us.  By the time the tower fell, my little fella had collected 8 blocks in his block pile.  The tower came crashing down, spilling blocks all over the table and onto the floor, but not by the actions of his careful, calculating hand.  It was mine! 

Maybe there are surgeon-steady hands in the family after all!